When did he grow to be so handsome?

In the debate leading up to the Illinois legislature’s vote in favor of marriage equality this week, Republican rep David Harris, on the losing side, urged a “no” vote by appealing to the authority of Fiddler. “How do we keep our balance? TRADITION!” he asserted. Bad enough faux pas to try to use a musical, of all things, against gay people. But his notion of tradition ain’t Fiddler’s. Ask lyricist Sheldon Harnick, who, a couple of years ago, first provided a lovely adaptation of his “Sunrise, Sunset” words for same-sex weddings, shifting the boy/girl references to boy/boy and girl/girl. Here’s Broadway actress Jana Robbins, who performed the world premiere of the new lyrics at the wedding celebration of Richard Skipper and Daniel Sherman, officiated by Joshua Ellis on October 1, 2011.